Awake Chocolate // The 25th Hour

There are a few basic truths about young college students. They like chocolate, they love caffeine and they absolutely hate missing out. Our client, Awake Cocolate, had long been a cult favorite among college students to get the caffeine and the chocolate so they could take care of the all that FOMO.

When Awake wanted to launch Caffeinated Granola (because, yes!) we decided to take it a step further and gave Awake fans a whole extra hour of the day, launching our campaign on daylight savings fall back day. You're welcome.

I worked with the overall campaign team through early concept phase, advising on everything from messaging to TV scripts, and then lead the digital team on the creation of an endless scroll site that would house the 6 hero spots we created in-house. The site was PACKED with hundreds of pieces of short bits of content that would continuously update in new configurations, continuously rewarding interaction.

The whole project pushed and expanded the capabilities of Tether to new levels. Scroll down to read more on the UX process.

The site and the campaign were awarded with multiple local and national Addy awards as well as generating over 6 million media impressions and increasing sales by average of 17% during months campaign was running.

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Design and UX

The site was designed to be an endless scrolling experience of constant exploding gifs and chocolate bar madness. We found a dynamic masonry .js library and concepted distinct design elements around the basic building blocks of the masonry. We settled on a basic unit of around 100x100 and then worked up to the video blocks which were about 800x400. Key elements like the logo, coupon, social icons and of course the hero videos, were pinned in set places and the rest of the masonry system would flow around it.