BooneOakley // Agency Site

Created 100% in house including illustration, VO, and animation, The BooneOakley site represents what you can achieve with consumer-level tools, a pile of pencils and paper, and boatloads of creativity.

As Interactive Director, working with a small team (in albeit a very small agency in a very small town), we came up with the idea of a video based site and a wonderful story of an ill-fated marketing manager, Billy. We then took the next step to remove the site completely from any conventional web hosting and moved the whole thing over to YouTube. Despite appearances there was a tremendous amount of thought and care that went into the architecture, overall user experience of the site. We knew it would be unconventional and didn’t want users lost on the process.

The ''site'' is navigable using the YouTube annotation system and every section acts as a self contained story that interlinks with other stories. Because the site was basically a youtube video, our site ended up embedded on literally hundreds of blogs and social posts.

Within a couple months we had over a million views, winning a double-handful of awards and generating new business opportunities as EA and Microsoft came calling, among others.

Sadly, due to a YouTube update, the annotations no longer work on the site, but you can still enjoy the story of Billy below.

Awards: Cannes Cyber Lion, One Show Gold and Silver Pencil, SXSW Web Awards - Experimental, Webby, FWA Site of the Day & FWA Site of the Month, Andy




After the initial launch and success of the site, we extended the story, even using it for research surveys.