HTC // The Power of 10

The mobile devices world is exciting but challenging. Consumers are barraged with new technologies, materials and platforms. Within the Android world HTC had developed a small but fanatical following who appreciated their attention to craft and inventiveness. For the launch of the HTC 10 they wanted to give those fans a deeper look into everything that was piled into the new device.

Leading a small team of designers and developers, we settled on the overall idea of a top down view of a HTC designer’s desk. Sketches, lenses, cases and even an interactive coffee mug littered the desk area allowing the user to voyeuristically explore the space. Almost everything on the desk could be interacted with including some that called up a series of videos we created around the main device highlights of audio, camera, form factor and the history fo the device.

The project was created in just over a month from concept to finish and was a key marketing element in the launch of the device.


HTC-CaseStudy-Large-02 (1).jpg

From Sketches to Design

The process to produce this project was extremely condensed. Our process was very collaborative with the process involving lots of sketches on the backs of another clients old decks! Click through to see the full evolution.