Lincoln Financial Group // Future Self

Financial planning, especially for newbs, is genuinely terrifying.

Lincoln Financial Group wanted to help prospective customers take that first step into financial planning, while at the same time connecting with them on an emotional level. The site played into an advertising campaign where characters were given reassurance from a future version of themselves. The site was a glimpse into their possible future self.

I was the primary designer on this project, working for several months, talking to financial planners, customers and to be honest, confronting my own personal hangups about planning for the future. We developed a UX model and then applied and evolving campaign design language to the project.

We purposefully avoided numbers in favor of tangible actions a user could take to get their life goals on track. Working with production company Firstborn we brought it all to life with a style that invoked memory and the idea of just sketching out your future on a napkin.