Microsoft Concierge

Microsoft interviews literally thousands of prospective candidates every year (probably every month if we’re honest). The experience can be confusing and jarring, especially for younger candidates as it’s potentially one of their first experiences like this. To help facilitate that process we designed the Microsoft Concierge service. The Concierge is a mobile and tablet app that acts much like a its real-life counterpart, an always at-your-service assistant that leads candidates through their interview day on the Microsoft Campus.

The Concierge serves a branding purpose as well, acting as one of the first direct touch points to the Microsoft brand. The service helps to change the perception of Microsoft from an established but conservative company to the polished, bleeding edge technology company with a genuine personality all its own.

I lead a team of designers and contributed directly in a thorough but brisk UX process where we gathered input from stakeholders and even pulled from our own experiences in job interviews. With a thorough wireframe in place my team developed layouts, iconography and functioning Invision prototypes for tablet and mobile.