Microsoft Stories

Helping the the Microsoft News team bring the stories of Microsoft to world.


Microsoft // Digital Daredevils

For Microsoft Services, we helped bring to life the story of the software testing group. Pretty dry, right? Turns out it there was more to this group than meets the eye. We worked directly with writers and copy editors at Microsoft on this fun, collaborative, retro-themed project.

Digital Daredevils


Microsoft // The Halo 5 Effect

For the launch of Halo 5, Microsoft Story Labs came to us with another amazing long-form story highlighting the fans and fanaticism behind the Halo video game franchise. We were thrilled to get our hands on early artwork and assets behind the new game and get an in-depth look at this passionate audience.

The 'Halo 5' Effect


Microsoft // Show Don’t Tell

Microsoft Story Labs came to us with a story about Alberto Cairo, a data scientist, and their data visualization product Power BI. We created an engaging, long-form story inspired by this compelling look at numbers and the truths and mistruths they can tell.

Show, Don't Tell