Mizuno Golf Fitters App

In golfing, Mizuno is a niche but highly coveted brand. The level of craft they bring to all of their products is well known and they had developed a great custom fitting process to determine the perfect shaft configuration for each golfer to use with their irons. The problem was the software that went with it was clunky, unreliable and didn't work hard to sell consumers on Mizuno clubs.

I lead a UX, design and development process and created a clean, easy to follow fitting experience that would reinforce Mizuno's image as a leader in golf technology. The fitters app is used by over 700 pro shops and golf outlets to create custom clubs for golfers who want the very best.

The app can be broadcast on a large screen in a pro shop or golf store and can even be carried out to the range at country clubs on a laptop. The app functions on and off line and delivers synced data to Mizuno while also receiving software updates when shaft and club models change.

Development by MODE in Charlotte, NC. (good people who do great work)