Pepsico // Careers Portal

Being a global company presents many challenges, finding talent all across the globe is one of them. Pepsico had created a messaging platform “Your Talent, Our Stage” and a visual ID to go with it. Now they needed help to bring it to life online.

Working with an extranet development vendor my team married the vibrant look and feel with the technical framework of the careers portal. I was the main creative point of contact with the vendor as they translated our design work and worked through issues with them to either find a design or technical solves throughout the development cycle.

Each region required their own take on background and representation while still retaining consistency with the design system. At launch the site supported over twenty different languages in regions all around the world.

Pepsico Jobs



In addition to the site design we produced fast-paced, energetic social video content. I personally worked directly with the client team to conceive and edit these pieces. We sifted through mountains of Pepsico footage, conducted our own video shoots, created a motion graphics system and combined it all it editorially to bring the global Pepsico story to life.

The site was localized in many languages but also was sensitive to reflect local culture and personalities. The screenshot below is from the Indian version of the site.