T-Mobile // Home for the Holidays

Created over the span of 5 months, one of the funnest projects of my career.

Following on the along with “Girl in the Magenta Dress” campaign for T-Mobile, we started with an idea of having a mass of women in magenta dresses do SOMETHING. Over time in collaboration with the client and production company, we concepted a special live event in Woodfield Mall near Chicago during the beginning of the holiday season.

An all new arrangement of the classic Home for the Holidays was created by Paul Mirkovich (of The Voice) and then recorded with a very talented bunch of women who also learned choreography in very short time to pull off one of T-Mobile USA's most successful branding initiatives ever.


Important note, this video is a mirror version of the original, which gathered more than 7 million views. The videos below are some other perspectives.