T-Mobile // Catch Jeremy

T-Mobile finally made it easy to use your phone while traveling abroad. With the announcement of their Unlimited Global Data plan, no more insane overages.

To tell the world about this new plan, we built a campaign around Jeremy, a young kid we sent to Europe with a blank check to rack up the largest overage possible on competitor AT&T ($74,787 in the end). Broadcast, Digital and PR efforts drove traffic to Catch Jeremy, a real-time online find it game where users tracked down Jeremy based on clues left in his social media stream.

In the end, John Legere himself, the CEO of T-Mobile, ends up footing the bill for Jeremy's "Bullshit AT&T Charges" and delivering a huge check in person to an AT&T store. This footage was seen all over CES and other press events and helped further solidify T-Mobile as the UnCarrier.