VIMA // Rev Launch & App

We helped startup Instinct Performance rebrand themselves as VIMA, a sports performance brand, along with a flagship product launch, The Rev Strobe Goggle. The Rev facilitates resistance training for the eyes and minds of athletes to sharpen their focus and ability to extrapolate visual information.

As a training device the Rev was amazing but for elite athletes it needed a way for trainers and coaches to make adjustments so as not to slow down training sessions. We conceived of an app that, via low energy blue tooth, would help coaches make adjustments to the Rev’s strobe tempo, and when needed even alternate strobes or block vision for one eye or the other.

Working in conjunction with a brand team, I lead the process for designing and developing the controller app and the website for the launch of the brand.


Controller App

For the app, we conducted research with coaches and clients, and used the device in the office quite a bit ourselves to get a feel for the product from all angles. We developed basic user flows that then evolved into detailed wireframes. Once we had the functionality nailed down we brought it back on brand with visual design.

I also worked directly with a development team on this one, finding a group that could create low frequency bluetooth controls and still maintain a high level of craftsmanship. Between the device engineers, the controller app developers, and the brand team we ended up with a very well crafted piece of technology that is out on the market making an impact today.

Xd Screenshot of Help Section wireframes

Xd Screenshot of Help Section wireframes